Be an Alberta GO! Weekend Champion!

The Government of Alberta is committed to the mental, physical and environmental benefits of outdoor recreation and encourages Albertans to get outdoors through the designation of the Alberta Get Outdoors Weekend. This year that weekend is from April 10th to 13th.  What are you waiting for? GO and Get Outdoors through April 10th to 13th and all year round!

GO! Get Outdoors April 10th to 13th

Alberta Get Outdoors (GO!) Weekend happens each year on the second weekend of April.  No rules, no fuss. It’s just about getting outdoors and having fun after a long winter.

Getting outdoors can offer significant health and lifestyle benefits associated with active living and outdoor activity. Being outdoors can also have a lasting effect on the health and well-being of the people of Alberta. And this is why the second week of April has been designated Alberta Get Outdoors weekend. Check out community events happening across the province by clicking here!

View the Associate Minister of Wellness inviting YOU to get involved!


Be a GO! Weekend Champion for your Community with this Media Package!

Use the media package to market any events going on in your community, school or workplace or to simply celebrate and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to GO Get Outdoors!

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Watch this Year's Wellness Ambassadors of the Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders Launch GO! Weekend       

On April 10, 2014  Calvin McCarty, Jonathan Crompton and Ryan King of the Edmonton Eskimos will play flag football at Austin O'Brien High School, 6110 95th Avenue, NW, Edmonton at 1:00 p.m. Read more.

On April 11, 2014, Jon Cornish will lead seniors on a guided walk and meet at the Bethany Care Centre, 916 18A Street NW, Calgary at 11:00 a.m. Read more.

On April 11, 2014 Jon Cornish of the Calgary Stampeders will play tag/touch football game at Bishop Carroll 4624 Richard Road SW, Calgary at 2:30 p.m. Read more. 

Register for the GO! Weekend UWALK Challenge and Win

Two easy steps - 1. Create an account on 2. Join the Get Outdoors Weekend UWALK Feature Challenge. Participants will be entered into a draw for one out of ten chances to win 10 free pedometers so you can start a challenge beyond GO! Weekend with your peers!

Join a GPS Led Scavenger Hunt Near You!

Geocaching - Two easy steps - 1. Create an account at 2. Find an event near you by clicking here OR by using your postal code on to find caches near you!

Need more ideas? Click here for other events during GO Weekend!

  • Walk your dog (or borrow your neighbours)
  • Visit a playground
  • Ride your bike, rollerblade or go skateboarding
  • Play tag!
  • Go birdwatching!
  • Grab some friends and play a game: Soccer, Frisbee, football, street hockey, whatever you like!
  • Explore your backyard and get in the spring spirit by taking out all your lawn furniture.
  • Go hiking!
  • Visit a local nature centre or connect with a local nature Club
  • Move your gym routine outdoors
  • Go puddle jumping!
  • Visit one of Alberta's 480 Provincial Parks and Recreational Areas.
    Check them out by visiting:  
  •  Join a cycling group! Outdoor cycling with group members or friends can get your muscles toned up and your heart rate going.
  • Gather your lawn and garden tools, pick up a seed catalogue, and start planning your garden and yard work for spring and summer.
  • Book a camping spot at a local or provincial campground; or, visit local or regional parks for some outdoor games or activities \Plan to visit the Rocky Mountains for day hikes or overnight trips. Go with friends, or join a hiking group.
  • Do a maintenance and safety check on your outdoor gear, so it's safe for you and your family during the spring and summer.

Participation in outdoor recreation is good for us mentally and physically. Whatever the weather, just being outside in the fresh air can be really energizing and mentally refreshing. If you're out under blues skies and a warm sun, all the better!

As Albertans, we are lucky to have so many outdoor recreation options and locations available to us. For starters, keep it simple by planning low cost activities that don't require a lot of equipment; that way, more people can join the fun! For instance, why not plan a long walk or hike at an easy level, so children and adults can all participate.

Whatever you choose to do, have some great times with friends, neighbours and relatives on Get Outdoors Weekend!


To see events happening in April near your click here!