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Q. Who qualifies from the Premierís Award for Healthy Workplaces?
A. The Award will be open to all Alberta workplaces, including, but not limited to, businesses, municipalities, schools, health regions, not-for-profit organizations and ministries.

Q. Does my workplace have to compete against all workplaces in the province?
A. No. Each workplace competes only against workplaces of similar size based on the number of employees in Alberta. There are three (3) size categories for these awards: Small 1-99 employees; Medium 100-999 employees; and Large 1000 or more employees.

Q. When is the application deadline for the Premierís Award for Healthy Workplaces?
A. ***The deadline for the Premier's Award for Healthy Workplaces is June 29, 2012.  

Q. How does my workplace enter the Premierís Award for Healthy Workplaces?
A. Download the application form appropriate (available in March 2012) for the number of employees you have in Alberta. Fill out the application, have a senior official sign it off, attach an example of your promotional material, a company logo, and electronic version of your application and send it in.

Q. Why do we have to send in both a hard copy and an electronic copy?
A. The hard copy has a signature from one of the senior officials from the workplace. In order to assist the Selection Committee in reviewing the applications in an unbiased manner, program staff blank out workplace names and identifiers. It is much easier to blank out those references on an electronic version than on a hard copy. 

Q. How can I encourage my workplace to become more healthy?
A. One of the keys is to have the support of senior management. Numerous resources to assist you exist. Visit the Healthy Workplaces page for more information.

Q. What is the award criterion?
A. The Premierís Award for Healthy Workplaces is designed to recognize workplaces in Alberta that provide strategies, initiatives, policies and/or programs (hereafter referred to as ďhealthy workplace programsĒ) that promote, support and enhance a healthy workplace and the efforts of workers to remain healthy at work and beyond. These must include (but are not limited to) both physical activity/active living and healthy eating components. A single, isolated health education or health promotion activity or special event does not constitute a healthy workplace program for these awards.


Q. Who can I e-mail to get more information?
A. E-mail premiersaward@gov.ab.ca and you will receive a response within 2 business days.

Q. Why should my workplace apply?
A. It is an opportunity to be recognized by the Premier for your efforts to create a healthy workplace. 

Q. When will the award recipients be notified?
A. The winners will be announced publicly at the award luncheon.

Q. Is there a fee to apply?
A. No, applying for the award is free.

Q. Why is the Premier giving an award for healthy workplaces?
A. The Premier and the Alberta government want to recognize and encourage healthy workplaces because of the numerous benefits. 

Q. Who completes the application?
A. The person in the workplace that best knows the healthy workplace initiative would be the best person to complete the application.

Q. Who decides the award recipients?
A. A panel of five people will serve as the award Selection Committee. 

Q. Where will the awards be presented?
A. The awards will be presented at a luncheon in Edmonton.

Q. Is there a cost to attend the luncheon?
A. Each workplace that wins an award will be invited to send two people to attend the luncheon at no cost to the employer.

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