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After sector table discussions, representatives made the following commitments to action on wellness.  For some, this commitment involves expanding or re-thinking initiatives and for others it means reinvigorating current projects with new information and perspectives.

"Alberta is dedicating over twenty million dollars of new funding for projects addressing issues related to youth and mental health." 

Minister of Health and Wellness, Honourable Gene Zwozdesky and Minister of Education, Honourable Dave Hancock

"The Alberta CEOs of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Lung Association will meet in January 2011 to develop and lead a chronic disease prevention program among NGOs for the province of Alberta."

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta (CEO)
Alberta Lung Association (CEO)

“We have brought together a group of employees passionate about wellness to start putting together wellness activities, raise awareness, and hold lunch-and-learns in tandem with building the business case for implementing a wellness approach across the entire organization.

ATB Financial

“Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association will roll out the Ever Active kids program in the after school care setting to get kids more active during critical hours”.

“Red Deer Primary Care Network will do a media campaign advertising healthier choices”.
“Kendrith Bentley and Associates will be bringing a company successful in delivering wellness programs together with partners”.
“The Alberta Centre for Active Living will be developing supporting materials for a Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines launch in January”.
“Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife will be focusing on funding projects that will address the after school time period under the new Active Alberta policy”.

Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity sector
(Ms. Judith Down)

"We have a commitment from our members to do better with healthy food choices for consumers.  Members will be asked to sign off on the core principles behind a new industry strategy."

Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association

"We will promote the design of communities to include neighborhood parks, accessibility to essential services and recreation, and pathways to offer alternative means of transportation, as well as to promote living local and connectivity.  We will assist individuals with their physical and mental health, as well as their physical safety, by being involved in the community."

Municipal District of Greenview
(Ms. Fran Pederson)

"As a corporation that promotes and sells wellness programs, Sun Life Financial recognizes the challenge of telling a compelling ROI story.  We recognize the need to talk in terms of both Health and Health Benefits when telling a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) story.  We will take away what we have learned at this forum to rework our market story and increase the frequency and enthusiasm we use to promote wellness to our clients."

Sun Life Financial
(Mr. Hugh Koebel)

"Concerned Children's Advertisers applauds the Minister and the province of Alberta with this commitment.  As a national child serving organization that has been speaking to children about health and well being for over 20 years, we are committed to speaking not only about physical health, but about mental health as well."

Concerned Children's Advertisers
(Ms. Linda Miller)

"We will champion wellness through short term actions and embed it as well within our business strategies over the longer term.  ATB financial has brought together a group of people passionate about wellness to form a wellness committee and start putting together wellness activities, awareness info and lunch and learns in tandem with a business case process for wellness implementation for the entire organization.  Each one of us can be role models and champion wellness in our own circles to spearhead wellness awareness by taking small steps, and to embed it within business strategies long term."

ATB Financial
(Ms. Nalina Kumar)

"Our target audience is regulated health professionals.  We'll reconvene to explore strategies to understand successes and learn from one another, and identify gaps and opportunities.  Based on the principles of learning from one another and leveraging existing opportunities, our goal is to promote and support healthy workplaces and lifestyles for health professionals."

Alberta College of Pharmacists
(Mr. Greg Eberhart)

"As a collective, we'll continue the commitment to dialogue on wellness, use our organization to broaden the sphere of influence to carry messages within our organizations to work with government and other partners."

Alberta Alliance on Mental Health and Mental Illness
(Mr. Dennis Anderson)

The food producers and services table made several recommendations: 
“Make daily physical activity mandatory for high school students”.
“Make life skills courses (e.g., cooking, nutrition) more appealing and mandatory”.
“Challenge students to incorporate personal wellness with technology”.
“Implement a "healthy choice designation" for restaurants”.
“Tie health and wellness to positive celebrity role models”.

Alberta Canola
Alberta Milk
Association of Canadian Advertisers
Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
Refreshments Canada

"We commit to fostering healthy environments where we work so this becomes part of our context – an expectation for what should be in place everywhere.  This involves leading by example with respect to our students and other members of our academic community as well as facilitating wellness policy initiatives in more medical contexts and working with other networks in our milieu."

Academia Sector
(Ms. Elaine Danelesko – Mount Royal University)

"We will focus on improving our organizational culture for both leadership and employees to include a focus on health—safe workplace."

Bethany Care Society
(Mr. Greer Black)

"We have put forward the document "Actions on Wellness" which outlines fundamental changes needed within health systems for First Nations, Métis settlements, and Inuit.  This will enable us to work co-operatively with and between First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities."

Native Counselling Services of Alberta
(Ms. Ruth Morin)

"We will work on assuring physical safety, physical health and mental health, and living local: doing more of daily life near home."

Mayor of Red Deer, Municipal Sector
(Mr. Morris Flewelling)

One sector group took an organizational approach to their recommendations:

“Ensure a commitment from the CEO/President to take action on organizational wellness and to act as a role model”.
“Create an organization-wide information campaign for translating evidence into action”.
“Engage students in varied health programs to provide education to business and other organizations”.
“Brief senior organization leaders (by Alberta Minister of Health) on the results of the Forum and the need for organizational wellness policies”.
 “Have blunt conversations with Albertans on their and their children's health”.
 “Explore the creative use of incentives”.
“Support evidence based alternative paths to wellness”.
“Review Alberta's five year health action plan in light of Forum outcomes”.
 “Re-examine the role of immunization in health promotion and prevention”.

Academia and Industry Sector

"We will set up a community health fair with the other members of our table."

Energy Industry Sector
(Syncrude, Husky, Epcor, Shell, Alberta Newsprint)

"We will meet with all stakeholders and work together to look for ways to create healthier workplaces together out of silos and work towards continuous improvement."

Professional Associations Sector Table
(Mr. Dave Kirschner)

"We will work to promote a jointly developed mental health framework in all Alberta's First Nations in a truly engaged and collaborative fashion, focusing on the criticality and value of the early childhood period.  We commit to pursue the delivery of this mental health framework independent of jurisdictional boundaries—all government levels, all communities, all ages, sexes and all first nations culture/groups working together towards a common goal with a common value and protectiveness of our children."

Medical Officer of Health and Director of Health Protection with the First Nations and Inuit Health, Health Canada
(Wadieh Yacoub)

"We will redefine what we consider within the primary care model to be more inclusive of services that impact on the determinants of health."

Chief Medical Officer of Health, Alberta Health and Wellness
(Dr. André Corriveau)

Education Sector

"We will work to implement and embed the comprehensive school health model in all Alberta Schools through continued and innovative support form multi-sectoral/cross-ministerial/private sectors to directly provide all school children with the opportunity to be healthy.  This will involve creating learning mechanisms for accountability at the school and school board levels, leading and aligning our efforts to build on existing efforts and collaborate."

"The educational sector is key to influencing children's health and learning.  We will proactively support increased organizational and sector collaboration focusing on a holistic view of health that requires multi-level commitments of policy and resources."

"The education sector is the key to health and learning.  We will work to target policy makers at the local and provincial level to make a multi-sectoral commitment to policy regarding comprehensive school health (CHS).  Resources from the private sector, community support and government must be directed to supporting all schools.  We will also explore innovative ways to increase funding in support of CHS recognize the uniqueness of each school community."

Schools and Education Sector

"We will meet with all of the organizations in our community of North-Central Calgary to identify common ground.  This also starts with employees.  We will assess our current workplace health promotion program, and use the Building Healthy Alberta Communities Model to develop a multi-year game plan for collaborating with stakeholders."

Cardel Place, Not-for-Profit Sector
(Ms. Sue Scott)

"With a focus on early child development, we will work to foster targeted and flexible approaches to reduce disparities, e.g., prenatal and peri-natal programming including the increased use of technologies, partnerships with communities and other departments from relevant sectors such as education, tourism, parks and recreation, child and family services.  We will promote Federal and Provincial programs but keep the emphasis on integration."

Alberta Health Services
(Ms. Carol Gray)

"We will start an annual large employer roundtable on wellness to share best practices to move forward on workplace safety and wellness, mentorship programs, leadership/culture, and addiction in workplace settings.

We will investigate opportunities to partner with other Alberta employers in developing minimum commitments towards healthy workplaces, including a focused effort on the impact of the determinants of health and on work addiction e.g., electronic solutions such as social networking.

We will explore investments in proof of concept projects using Telus technology e.g., personal health records for employees."

(Mr. Nick Zamora)

"If seniors are the greatest users of health care services, then more attention needs to go now to preventing them from developing chronic illness and/or slowing deterioration of health, preventing mental illness/depression, and fall prevention.  The demographic shift makes it imperative to include seniors in prevention efforts, something that could have an enormous impact on health spending."

Special Populations Sector
(Ms. Sheila Hallett)

"We will work to convince the other Forum stakeholders to include seniors in their prevention efforts."

Réseau Santé Albertain
(Mr. Luc Therrien)

"We will develop an “In Your Pocket” handbook of key facts and statistical information to support evidence-informed discussions on wellness strategies."

Institute of Health Economics
(Mr. John Sproule)


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